28 March 2012

ONÇA- Beauty and Energy...

I am currently on a total health kick. I want to lose weight and get healthy and i like to feel better about myself. Summers just around the corner and i always get so much more conscious about myself at this time of year. So far ive been doing quite well, i haven't weighed myself yet since i started so im not sure how well im doing yet.(*weight update at end of post)

Last week i was contacted and asked if i wanted to try a beauty and energy supplement by ONÇA and i was so happy it came just at the perfect time for me so i really wanted to try it out as it actually sound like something that will work.

About the product-

 ONÇA is a highly exclusive supplement and is limited to only 3,000 people worldwide
 to ensure a production ethic that retains the highest standard of nutrients
 from the Amazon. 
 ONÇA will make you feel more energised, beautiful, happier and healthier!

The supplement is filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids anti-oxidants and tropical botanicals from the Amazon which increase levels of collagen which improves the skins appearance and health and also reduces the appearance of cellulite it promotes better sleep , improves anxiety and my favourite increases weight loss.

 ONÇA supplement consists of two drinks a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.The morning supplement energises, cleanse, detoxifies and creates a sense of harmony and well being. It contains ingredients including Guarana which helps fight away the feeling of fatigue,Biotin which supports skin renewal, hair, nails and nerves. It also has Camu-Camu a fruit which has 80 times more Vitamin C than an orange!!
The evening drink supports body recovery and had wild passion fruit which reinforces health, beauty and the body cells.Amazon fruit is known for being carming and relaxing so reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia so you get a good nights sleep. 
A few of the Benefits-  
  • Speeds metabolism
  • Strengthens immune system 
  • Maximum anti ageing properties
  • Health and shine of hair 
  • Good for eye health, joint flexibility and allergic reactions
  • Strong bones and teeth. 
 My Thoughts!!
In the pack you get a full month supply of the morning/evening powders. I only have three days worth so im going to document how i get on with them on here over the next three days so you can see my full experience with them.At the minute i havent tryed any of them but from everything you can see above they look great and i cant wait to try them out.....
 The powders...

Evening powder mixed with milk....
Day One-
On day one the big thing for me was trying both the drinks and seeing what the were like when mixed in with my drink. You can add the powder to any drink you like but it was recommended to me to try milk so that is what i went for, once i had mixed it all in there was still some bits what wouldn't dissolve which i was expecting as these are natural substances from the fruits and raw ingredients but there now big chucks or anything its just a bit of undissolved powder.
I found the morning sachet more herbal and the evening more fruity you can definitely smell thew passion fruit. 
I found the easy to drink, once you start drinking all i could taste was the milk.
 Day Two-
On the second day in the afternoon i had so much energy, i wasn't expecting for them to get me as much energy this fast as this was only the second day and i cant be 100% it was definitely the sachets but i had so so much energy. It was like i just had to get up and do something and do some exercise, i felt really good and healthy and energetic.
 Day Three-
Day 3 was pretty much the same ,i had lots of energy and i felt good and healthy.

From my three days of having the sachets i think it is a good product and i would use them again. I did have more energy and felt good over the three days which i do think these definitely helped with as they are full with vitamins although i do feel like i cant give a full review as i only tryed them for three days. If you buy a pack you get a full months supply which i think would be needed to say if they do make a difference in how you feel.
Saying that i think me trying them will help you know what to expect from the taste of the drinks and the formula.As i said they don't 100% dissolve because of the natural ingredients but you don't really notice and they tasted better than i was expecting, while drinking it just tasted of the milk ( i drank them down in one) and there wasn't a long lasting after taste which i thought there would be . I would say the evening sachet was my favourite as it was more fruity and felt more light than the morning which was more of a herbal taste.The sachets did make me feel fuller for longer and when i weighed myself the week i was taking them i lost 3lb.

ONÇA is available via www.oncacompany.com and costs £156, if taken as recommended twice a day; it will be a month’s supply.



  1. that sounds interesting, do you have to change your diet or drink these instead of a meal? x


    1. Hi Shoba, Onça is not meant as a meal replacement and we would never recommend it for such. It is there to provide added benefits, nutrients and anti-oxidants etc. It compliments a healthy balanced diet. The benefits of each ingredient are outlined on the website www.oncacompany.com. These super-fruits are special and not farmed but sourced in the wild (Amazon)from some of the most fertile soil on earth.

  2. Sounds interesting



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