31 March 2012

Joliebox, whats inside?...

This months Jolie box was all full size products and its a really good box everything in it is really nice.. but i wish all the beauty boxes didn't copy each other. Every other month theres something in that been in a previous beauty box. Why do they want to go for the same things that were in other boxes? Yes i know people that just sub to one box haven't had it but why wouldn't they go for different stuff to the other boxes anyway. I say this because two of the products were in Glossybox's January box... The products are good so im not really complaining that ive got the same products again just i don't see why they want to have things that other boxes had two months ago...
Anyway... i think this months box was really good i got the Eyeko liner in a green, the nail polish is really lovely and i really enjoyed using the Davine's product that i got in the glossy box so im looking forward to using that again and i know il use the body wash too.  The mirror will come in handy too :)
The original Davine's moisturiser i got in the box had a hole in and had leaked but i send them an email and it was answered within an hour or two and a replacement was sent out so i definitely think there costumer service is great!!

What do you think of the boxes having the same products?
What did you think of this months box?



  1. nice products you got there :)


  2. I think its annoying how they have the same products in these types of boxes! not good if you subscribe to more than one! oh well the products look great x



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