6 February 2012

This week...

*Last weekend we had 'Buttons' come to stay. Buttons is a little teddy from jakes school that goes home with someone in the class every weekend and the take pictures and stick them into a book showing and telling everyone what things they did with Buttons while he stayed. Jake loved it and loved been able to show everyone what he did with buttons at story time on monday.

*Ive been busy doing our family tree with my mum and we got quite far back on my mums dads side, to the early 1600's and they all were born/lived in the same place we do. My mums,mums side came from Sheffiled when my nana was young but thats not too far away. We even found someone from my mums dads side! Its one of my great grandads brothers granddaughters.So weve been chatting to her over the last week.
*Ive been feeling crappy all week too a mix between cold and flu -_- now the boys have started to get cold too.

*We went to jasons sisters 1st birthday party on Saturday too.When we left to go there was no snow-on the way home it was really thick and we were only gone three hours!! Jason was working nights so we had to get back early but the drive home wasnt nice. Theres always someone that doesnt seem to realise you need to be more care in the snow and pulls out on us. Luckly jasons a really good driver so we were fine.



  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely week. Love the idea of having a class teddy to stay. So cute! xx


  2. Ahhh I remember having a class teddy at school!! Looks like the boys had a great week, especially judging by the stickers on their faces and the cake baking!

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  3. That's such a great idea with Buttons :) Looks like your boy had fun with him :)x

  4. cute photos, your family tree sounds very interesting x


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