13 February 2012

Manuka Doctor- bee Venom Repair cream.

Since the weather has become freezing and we've had all the snow the last few week or so I've noticed a huge change on my skin and im not liking it at all! Normally my skin is OK along as i use a good moisturiser after washing my face its pretty good and stays feeling hydrated but since its got really cold no matter how much moisturiser ive been applying it is still left feeling dry, un-hydrated and its not nice to apply make up.
So im on a mission to get it back to its normal self.
Ive been using the Bee venom mask (see post here) and then after ive been applying this Bee venom repair cream.
'With Purified Bee Venom & UMF® 18+ Manuka This light weight non-greasy cream delivers a perfect balance of intense hydration & purified nutrients that accelerate skin regeneration. By repairing the skin's natural balance and assisting in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and scarring.'
My Thoughts-
When you first apply it goes on really smooth and feel really silky and nice it has a silicone feel like a primer then you start to feel it working and it starts to tingle for a few seconds. I have found it really helps in re hydrating my skin and its now well on its way to feeling hydrated. I haven't worn makeup for the last few days as I've been just trying to get the moisture back into it so I've just been applying the repair cream and leaving it on and letting it work without adding layer of other products on top.My skin was so much easier to apply make up to today and i definitely think its all down to the repair cream.

If your skin is feeling the effects of the weather id definitely recommend checking this out. 
You can find the Manuka Doctor range at Holland and Barrett. 
The Repair cream is £24.99 for 50ml.


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