10 February 2012

Cath kids,With a Cherry on top ;)...

A few days ago i got a big package delivered and i had no idea what was going to be inside so it was quite exciting :).I opened it up to find a new can of cherry smelling Batiste(yum) and a really really cute Cath Kids cherry umbrella!!Im so excited i absalutly love the umbrella its so cute and will definitily get lots of use when walking up to school woth the boys :).
The Batiste dry shampoo is the newest from the line of dry shampoos and it smells so good! I love cherry and the bottle design is so cute, i think my fave so far deffinitly one that i will have out on desplay in my bedroom.The design is inspired by there latest love of vintage glamour.
I used it as soon as it arrived as i was rushing about getting ready, i love using batiste to give me a bit of extra texture and volume...it gives my hair that bit of extra oomph which is perfect when your in a rush and dont have the time to spend ages on your hair.Although i was needing it to touch up my roots to as i fell asleep early the night before and forgot to was my hair.-Perfect!

The 200ml cans are £2.99 and can be picked up at Boots, Superdrug,Asda etc..

Laura xoxo


  1. oh my god i need that dry shampoo! :D

    maddie xx

  2. the tin is so cute. i didn't know there was a new one out. have to get this.x

  3. Oh wow, thsi must smell delicious! And the umbrella is too cute!


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