14 January 2012

This week...

*This week has been a big, busy week for us. Jake started school on Monday so we have had to totally change our routine and make a new one. So far Jake is loving going to school and playing with all the different toys everyday his favourites being painting and playing in the sand. Cambell is missing missing him but he loved been able to go for lots of walks to take him and pick him up again.I also worked out that they will be in the same class for a while next year as Jake doesn't move up to the next class until next September and Cambell starts nursery next January :).
*I tryed to get all my nail polishes out on to one shelf so i could see them all but no matter how much i tryed they wouldn't all fit :( so half are having to stay in a box until i finally get a wall rack.I used my glossy boxes to make different stands/levels for the polishes to stand on so i could fit more out.
*With Jake starting school i had to go through his keepsake box to get his birth certificate and there was all his baby things inside...crazy how fast hes grown up :(.
*He also brought home his first painting from school which i love and cant wait for lots more :).
*The pink nail polish is Orly fancy fuchia :). Post on it here and here.

Laura xoxo


  1. Busy week indeed, glad jake is settling in okay! X

  2. WOWZA that is quite a nail polish collection...but I love! Much neater than mine all thrown in a box! xx

  3. Thats a pretty big polish collection!! Lovely photos :)

  4. aww sounds like a nice week :) Hope Jake is enjoying school. and WOW biggest nail polish collection Ive seen xx


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