3 January 2012

This week...

Here's a few pictures from our last week of 2011. I love been able to look back on these post to see the things we did and how the boys are growing up. We went out for a meal with Jason Family on the 27th. Then spent alot of time at my mum and dads house (bottom middle pic) Cambell sat eating his shortcake shots at my mummy's :). Then on New years day we went to Jason's Nana's for dinner with his mum then came home all sat together and watch charlie and the chocolate factory.Today i have been getting some last bits for Jason's birthday tomorrow. Every time a birthday is mentioned the first thing that the boys say is 'bithday cake', So me and Jake went out to get one....first thing Jake says when we get back? 'Dad we got you a surprise birthday cake for tomorrow' -_- . <3.

Laura xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Haha! Bless little Jake!! <3 my brother did that to my dad when he was younger. One christmas he said 'Dad, open this present its a megadrive!' haha xx


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