5 January 2012

Need inspiration? Pinspire it....

My hair collection :)
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Do you sometimes lack inspiration?
I know i go through phases especially when it comes to my blog.Sometimes i have so many ideas and things i want to post about then ill have a block and i just have nothing that is inspiring me. This is why im excited about Pinspire. Pinspire is a site i have found recently and i am so excited to share it with you all (so we can 'pin' each others photos ;) ). Its basically a website with lots of inspirational pictures, you see a picture you like you can 'pin' it into an album and share it with everyone. It can be anything a beauty product, a hair style you love, nail polish, food .... the list could go on forever. You can either 'pin' other peoples pictures you like.For example, maybe ones that will give you inspiration for a post. Ive started a 'wedding' collection so i can 'pin' pictures into the collection that will give me ideas for my wedding. As well as pinning other peoples pictures you can upload your own or if you see something on a website you can add that to your collection.You can add and name collections anything you want which is the fun thing so you can do your profile to whatever interests you :). 
Whenever you pin/upload new pictures they get added straight to the main page away so everyone can see and re-pin :)...how pretty are these pictures that have just been added (second picture).Ive been addicted since signing up and have been looking at all the pictures (that all seem to be perfect)and have started adding my own. I now need to start following more people so if you sign up then leave me a comment with your link so i can find you :).

If you want to sign up it like is here (or google it which ever you prefer).
I think you should be able to find me if you search http://www.pinspire.co.uk/Laurasblog ..i hope if not remember to leave me you link so i can follow you.

Will you be joining up? 
Laura xoxo


  1. I love inspirational images!

    I want to join this site and have requested an invite, does it take long? x



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