11 January 2012

mini haul...

Few bits i picked up from town most are things repurchases - how come everything runs out at once?...
I got a new bottle of st moriz lotion which i just all the time and i also got the spray to try, not sure if im going to like it though. Have you tryed the spray-what do you think?. I got a new tanning mitt too, think im going to do a full review of this as its a bit different to ones ive had before and a bargain! Then from boots two bottles of the bblonde cream as i already had the powder and my roots were getting so bad. My  collection 2000 concealer was running low so i got a new one while i was there and finally from town some hair grips..always losing these, they just seem to disappear.- oh and the No7 mirror i got with one of the £5 off vouchers i couldn't find anything else i was bothered about at all so instead of not using it i got this as ive wanted one for a while :).
From Mac i needed a new bottle of my favourite foundation ever- face and body.Finally i got a bottle of the oil cleanser which ive never tryed before so will probably do a review on that when ive given it ago.


  1. Is the mitt from poundland? I bought one that looks similar to that one and just a pre warning... the tan went right through it all over my hand! :-/ I advice wearing an old suck under the mitt or rubber gloves! xx

  2. i got it from bodycare, but yeah it does go straight throught,theres gloves that come with it so ive just worn them under :) x

  3. I got the mirror from No7 with the vouchers last time, I like it:) Haha, I love looking at people's Mac hauls xx

  4. The No7 vouchers annoy me a little when I can't find anything to buy with them! X

  5. i had trouble with the mitt my tan looked all streaky! which was gutting because it is so cheap. what did you think of it?

  6. i tryed it other night and it went on ok with no streaks just be annoying having to where gloves aswell as mitt everytime x


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