16 January 2012


I ordered this last week when getting my new face & body foundation and it was a bit of a spontaneous buy as i wasn't planning on getting it and just wanted to add a little extra item on to my order so i got free delivery...anyone else do that? Id of had to pay £3-4 on delivery so i might as well get something else and get that £3-4 off a product as i be paying it anyway...if you get what i mean :/ .
Anyway i seem to have a thing for trying different cleansers at the minute i have so many on the go but there all really good. I think this maybe a new favourite thought, i tryed it out the night it arrived and it got my makeup of so fast!! Including my mascara, i have other cleansers that get my mascara off well but non as well as this.It comes off so fast and there is nothing left behind.I normally find myself having to go back over my eyes to get the last little bits off but this is so amazing. I really love it and definitly think you need to try it.I have been using a few pumps and gently masargeing it over my eyes to loosen my mascara, i get another pump and go around my face then using a warm damp cloth wipe over my face and....all make up gone. It doesnt leave my face with the tight dry feeling too which is amazing as i awlays get it after washing my face.
If your looking for a new cleanser definitely give this a try i know il be repurchancing. The one i have is the 30ml which was £7 but im going to go and get the bigger one which i think its around £12.

Laura xoxo


  1. This sounds great! I might have to give it a go once my other cleansers have ran out! Thanks for the review :) xx

  2. I'll have to give this a try, I find it so hard to find products which effectively remove my eye make up x

  3. I've been wanting to try this. I add things all the time to get free shipping.

  4. Really want to try this, looks fab. Does it make your skin feel greasy?? Xx

  5. No not at all can't tell I've used oil at all just leaves it feeling really nice and soft and hydrated :) xx

  6. I love the Mac cleanse off oil, but I always forget I have it lol.


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