20 January 2012

Keromask Translucent powder...

I have spoke about Keromask a few times before (here) and how great the coverage is but i never posted on there powders and what i think of them. The powder i have is the translucent shade - there are four different shades to choose from.First off when i opened this powder up i loved the packaging but even more i love how it works the powder is in pressed form to start with but when you want to use the product you simply twist the disk to grind the amount of powder you want to use which is great so you can just grind as much as you need.Plus if you drop the pot  you will not lose all the powder (which i have done before with loose powders)... its also kinda of fun to do too ;). It sets the camouflage cream perfectly and helps keep it in place all day.It also prepares the skin for additional 'dry' products to be applied like eye shadows, blushers, bronzers etc.Once the base is set the other products glide on the skin easily!
The powder is best applied in a light circular movement over the Camouflage cream to let it set properly and making it water proof :)

Price- £15.99 for 20g, you can find it on the keromask website here.

Laura xoxo

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