2 January 2012

Cor, The silver soap!

Ive Been changing up my skin care routine over the last month or two so i thought id do a few posts about the different things i have been using and how ive been getting on with them. First up is going to be Cor!Which is a favourite of Sarah Jessica Parker!! Now this soap is quite pricey and for the full size of 120g your looking at £100!. The 30g is £35 and the 10g is £15. I would definitely say start with the £15 its alot of money to pay for a soap so you don't want to be splashing out over £70. 

So why is it so expensive?....This soap is a multi-tasking bar which uses the latest in nano-silver technology combined with marine collagen amongst other natural ingredients to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, reduce wrinkles, soothe eczema and is amazing for acne sufferers too! Amazing, right?!?!..Silver has also been known as one of the best natural anti-bacterial agents.

What i think?.... My first impression when i opened the soap was of how amazing it smelt! I love the scent... which is slightly strange as on the front of the box i noticed it says fragrance free..? but it definitely does have a scent to it and it is lovely! While using the soap lathers up really well and feels very creamy. It leaves my skin feeling very clean,soft and It takes all my make up off really well.It also comes with its own little box to go in between uses which makes it feel a little more of a special soap too, the box will stop it melting while its sat in the bathroom from the humidity, which could be really annoying when you spent so much on a soap!

 If you want to look up the Cor soaps you can find there website here.

Have you tryed this silver soap?  

Laura xoxo


  1. I guess your paying for the name and the packaging (which I love) and the orange smell tempts me!


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