30 June 2011

June Loves...

I use this every time i wash my hair and it leaves it really soft and manageable, take all the fizzyness away :)

Anti aging repair
From last month glossy box, i love this!!!
I spray it on my hair everyday i love the smell more than anything, really dont want this to run out :( 

 Mac MSF Soft and Gentle 
Ive had this for a while and always liked it but recently Ive been really loving it and using it everyday as my highlight. 

 My Detangle comb from TheBodyShop
Works so well, im really glad i picked this up definitely a new fave!

 YSL eye make up remover
I got this free a while ago with a mascara and i didn't use it at first because i was happy with the one i was using but i gave this a try and it works really well.

Vanilla Body mist
Love this!!! Along with the Vanilla perfume which smells the same so didn't put them both up.

 This is a re decovered fave this month.
Im loving big thick dark lashes and this is perfect for that i usualy wear it over the maybelline great lash mascara.

Blogger is been annoying as usual and wont let me write at the top of this post.GRRR.

I just picked out a few things this month that i have been using everyday so are definitly big loves!

 I love looking at other peoples faves because some things i see and im think ohhhh i have that  and give it a try and love it where as if i hadnt seen it on a blog it would probably just be left at the back of a draw.
Hope your all well :)

Laura xxxx

24 June 2011

Glossybox- June box- My thoughts..

(blogger seems to like turning this picture side ways for no reason except annoy me :) )

OK,so i know alot of people don't read theses post because everyone writes what what inside at once but the main reason i wanted to do this post is to say what i think about it not just show pictures of what was inside and this is the reason i look at the post other people have done because by the time i log on to blogger i already know what was inside.
( I don't look until mine comes so it doesn't spoil the surprise)
I like to see what other people who got the same box think on the products, maybe they know more about it than me, maybe they don't like something i first did or maybe they don't like something i did and what are there reasons for liking the things etc.....

So before my box even got here i had heard people were been disappointed in what was inside...

Anyway i wasn't really expecting it to be great after hearing lots of these comments although i made sure i didn't look what was inside and people on twitter are nice enough not to say until everyone has theres which is nice.:)

I actually filmed my self opening it i was going to put the video up on my YT but im not sure i will.
The first thing i picked up was the

... now you all know how much i love Batiste, i love the product and i think the brand are great and getting better all the time but this wasn't something i expected from Glossy box i mean isn't Glossy box suppose to give me things i would normally be able to get and things that are 'high end'?
Saying that it will get used because i love batiste so i guess its a good product but just not something i thought i would see.

 Perles DE Lanlique perfume
 ...  i have smelt this but not properly im not 100% if it me or not i think i need to  wear it to know the real smell.

What do you think?

 OPI Designers Series.
Then the OPI i got the purple shade which i didn't think was an amazing colour at first as im not really into wearing dark polish but after id been shopping i can home an tried it on and its actually alot brighter and more summer than it looks in the bottle so i quite like it and like im going to put in on properly tonight so this is on of my fave bits in this box. the minis don't last two seconds though would of been nice to get a full size ;)

BioEffect EGF Serum
So this little sample is worth £30? :O not bad! and the full size is £125?
I will give this a try as it sounds like a good product.

O.Mega Body Buff
Then the main thing that we all got different ...well depending on which box i think from what Ive seen there were three different boxes? body buff , shower gel and a lip gloss?

I got the Body buff and out of the three i am really happy with the one i got because Ive been wanting a new body scrub and this on smells really good!

I was expecting this post to be more rambley from the things i have seen on twitter but its turned out a bit simpler.

Not many people have liked this months box from what i have seen mainly i think the big thing is that Batiste was in there when its a high street product, no body was expecting to see if and they're a bit annoyed that its something that can easily be picked up.

I am happy i got the box that i did i think its my favourite out of all the boxes normally id maybe of liked the lip gloss like many people did but ive been wanting a new scrub so im glad i got this one.I think the things in here will get used more than last months all ive really used from last months is the NARS and the hair repair which so far has been my favourite product in the Glossy Box.

What are your thoughts on this months box?
Are you happy or unsubbing?

I think the best part about the whole thing is the surprise which is probably the main reason i wouldn't be able to bring myself to unsub lol its like waiting for Christmas once a month hahaa

Laura xxx

Barry M Blue nails..

I'm feeling in the mood for blue.I don't really wear blue nail polish although i have quite a few different ones but this week i thought id get some use out of it and i actually really like it. especially with a tan it looks really soft and pretty.

The three im using are all Barry M
Blue moon
Nail effects.

First i used Blue moon on all my nails except my ring finger i used the Blueberry.

I had to used a good 2-3 coats of the Bluemoon to get a good colour as it comes on quite sheer at first.
Blueberry is fine with just one coat.

Then over the Blueberry on my ring finger i used the Blue effects.

I normally just do all my nails the same shade but this just makes it a bit more fun and different.
All done.

What colour polish are you wearing?

I dont know whats happened to my pictures recently they looks good quality when i take them and when i get them on the laptop but as soon as i upload theem to blogger the go blury :(

Has this happend to anyone else?

Think im going to have to get my old camera out and see if that works any better.

Laura xxx

Graze...(code for free box)

40g of Brazils, pecans amd almonds
I love nuts so im always happy when i get theres in my graze box.


 Fruit sundae
Strawberrys , Pineapple and cherry sultans
 In not big on dried fruit so this isnt on of my favourites although it is nicer than some other dried fruits ive tryed.


Fiery Cashews
Cashews roasted with spicy chilli

Love these there one of my faves from graze.

Honeycomb flapjack
The BEST thing from graze.


What your favourite thing you tryed from graze,would love to know so i can give it a try :)??

If you want to try a Graze box you can get your first one FREE and second Half price by using the code


I think if you use the link here it should add the code for you :) .

Why not give them a try while there free!
There worth it!!!
You can cancel the boxes at anytime which is a great thing about Graze or if you cant afford it one week just press the 'push back' button and it will miss a week :) .

Laura xxx

20 June 2011

This Week.....

Hi :)
Hope you've all had a good week, here's a few pictures from what we've been doing. Jason was working Monday-Thursday so we played in the garden Monday because it was so hot!
Then there was a few stormy days and we went to my mums.

While Jason's been of we played in the garden and shopped.His dad also called round to see the boys on friday.

Yesterday been fathers day me and the boys went to play at the park with my mum and dad.The boys got to see horses which they loves as the races were on. :)

Today i think were going to go to a local water park so ill probably have a few picture from that next week :)

Jason's back to work tomorrow until Friday :(.

Laura xxx

18 June 2011

Big The Body Shop Haul....

Last week i got an email for 50% off The Body Shop online so obviously i had to get something....
Ive been wanting a new body butter for a while and every time i go by The body shop i mean to pop in and get one of there body butters but at £12.50 each i kept putting it of.

Ive been using one from Soap and Glory for a while and i love that one it smells amazing so iv been wanting that too as im nearly out

So i was looking online at what i should get with the voucher...
As well as the body butters and scrubs(didn't end up getting a scrub :().I have wanted there Vanilla Perfume but at £9 a bottle which is quite small i always put that of too although i do smell it every time i go in which made me want it so bad.

My plan was to just get a Body butter , Scrub and the Vanilla perfume......

I knew the body butter i liked the smell of in the store was in an orange pot....
So i went for the big tub of Mango and small Satsuma...wrong!
I should of got big satsuma :( it smells Amazing!!so gutted i got them the wrong way round!!

I got the 50ml Satsuma body butter... so gutted wish id of got this in a big tub it smells so good like fresh oranges!

Normally £5.00 each
I payed £2.50!!
I also got the 50ml Coconut body butter.
I would usually get this in the big tub but i fancied a change and get get a more fruity scent for summer.
Love the smell of this ....coconut is one of my favourite smells.
Then i spotted this HEMP moisture high balm which is suppose to be Amazing for really dry skin.
I do have dry skin and occasionally get areas that are a big worse than normal so i thought this would be great to get while its half price.
It had lots of great reviews and is really good to used on elbows and the dryer areas when tanning to.
It one of those balms that can be used for lots of things in the reviews alot said they also use it for there lips too.

I'm not too keen on the smell of this but i suppose if its going to get rid of the stubborn dry patches i can put up with it.

Hopefully its as good as the reviews say.....

Normally £6.00
I payed £3.00!

The big 200ml Mango body butter....
Smell is OK but i would of much preferred the Satsuma.

This one seems more creamy than the coconut and satsuma butters ....all the ones in the 200ml seems to be were as the 50mls are harder more like a balm which i thought was strange.?

Normally £12.50
I payed £6.25
Lemon Lip Butter

My mum loves Lemon so this was for here...

normally £4.00
i payed £2.00
Lemon 200ml body butter... Again for my mum..

Normally £12.50
Payed £6.25

I was just going to get the Vanilla perfume as i have a Vanilla body mist from Natural Collection but as it was half price i thought id try this one too see if it was any longer lasting.

Normally £7.00
I payed £3.50

The Yummy Vanilla Perfume...
I love the smell of this so much and it lasts a long time.When i tried it in the shop before ive been able to smell it for ages after when is why i really wanted it. When i use the mists it smells amazing when i first spray but i never notice it on myself after a while but with this i do.

Normally £9.00
I payed £4.50

Rain Forest Radiance-Detangling spray
Ive never really used a detangle spray but a few days ago i backcombed my hair and i found it hard to comb it out after when id washed my hair so i thought this might help for when i do backcomb.
It is also a leave in conditioner which is great.I'm looking forward to trying this out.

normally £6.00
Payed £3.00
Then Finally i got the detangling comb to use with the spray :)

Normally £3.00
I payed 1.50

I was so excited for it to arrive ....i ordered Tuesday night and it came Friday afternoon with wasn't to bad.

On the site if you spend over £20 you get free delivery which still works with the discount code even if after using the code it comes to less than £20 which i thought was really great.

the code i used was a one time code but right now the big body butters are on sale at £6.00 online and if you use the code Welcome you get and extra £25% off!

In store the if an offer with the butters £6.00 each then buy 3 get one free which means you get FOUR butters or scrubs for £18.00 when there originally £12.50 each!!

While passing by the store last night in White Rose i went in to smell the other body butters with them been on sale and as soon as i smelt the Almond one i needed it.
It smells so good!
A bit like marzipan mmm its so good.

Theres my big haul for this month!

Whats your favourite Body Shop smell?

This post has taken so long to write lol im now going to clean up get ready and hopefully going to get he ready of Jason's presents for Fathers Day tomorrow :)

Hope you all have a great day :)

Laura xxx
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