19 December 2011

With love....

I love being able to support fellow bloggers when i can so today i want to tell you a bit about Rhi's jewelry and her new shop.This is my new bracelet from Jewel Rhi on big cartel. Its girlie jewelry but with a bit of an edge.I love little bracelets like this that you can just wear all the time and never have to take off. Ive been wearing this constantly since i got it.. I went for the cross charm friendship bracelet in black as i thought black would go with everything although there are alot of different colour options. The shop is quite new so only has a few bits but it is growing and has recently added a 18" Swallow charm necklace,'with coloured string to personalise each charm and make it represent what you believe in' which i think is really cute. All the prices are very affordable too so these would be perfect for a little stocking filler for a sister/daughter or friend!
There is also a facebook page where you can see extra pictures.   

Laura xoxo


  1. Aw I love her blog URL hehe :) what a cute little bracelet! Going to have a look now :)


  2. Oh this is great :) Thanks for the link. I love finding jewellery shops through fellow bloggers. Can find some really unique stuff. x

    sweet monday


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