14 December 2011

What was inside my Illamasqua goodie bag?

I love seeing post on what people got in there goody bags from different events, so after i went to the opening of the Leeds Illamasqua store last week i thought id do a post showing you what was inside of my bag.The Illamasqua team were so generous and gave us some amazing goodies.I was so shocked at the great things we got ..... and very excited. I have such a long list of Illamasqua products i want to get including the pigments and cream blushers after getting to have a play with them at the launch, if you are local to Leeds and can make it to the shop i would definitely recommend calling in and having a play with the products, the staff are really nice and friendly too.
Inside there was-
*Illumine oil
*Bronzing duo
*Lip Gloss - Indulge- 
This is a bright neon pink, it look more red on the pics but the camera wouldn't pick up the true colour.
*Lashes- number #17.

So happy to get to try these they are all great and all things i would of picked out myself. I will definitely be purchasing alot more things from their Leeds store.Big thank you to the team at Illamasqua.

What is your favourite Illamasqua product, or what would you most like to try?

Laura xoxo


  1. ooh you're so lucky! I'd love to try illamasqua but there's no stores by me and I don't like to order online without seeing the products first


  2. There isnt a store near me either which is a shame because it looks amazing. xx

  3. I am absolutely loving the new Illamasqua perfume! However, this highlighting duo does look quite promising. We don't have a store in Newcastle, only a small concession, but it is good enough for now :) xxx

  4. I've only tried their powdered metal which I love! I'd love to give the cream blushes a go as they look amazing and the lashes- the set you got here are incredible! xx
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