1 December 2011

Mini haul-Lee Stafford,Models Own

I picked up a few things from town and thought id do a mini haul as i never really put them up on my blog.
To start with i picked up come small clips i think the called crocodile clips? i remember people used to wear the big ones alot when i was younger, my hair was always to long and heavy to be held up by them so i never really wore them.I love these to just clip my front pieces of hair up, so quick and easy.These were only 99p from body care.
Then i wasn't going to include these but i thought if you haven't heard about them you might want to run out and get your self a free lip gloss. When you buy two bottles of coke from Boots you get a free Models Own lip gloss, there were four different shades to choose from.Jason always buys pop while where out so it was nice that i got a little freebie too :) 
 Then finally i needed some toning shampoo and hot shots as i had totally run out and these are my must haves.I love Lee Stafford products... by far my favourite brand.The Hot shots get any brassiness out of my hair so fast. I re did my roots a few nights ago so wanted to put one on and make sure there was no brassy colour in my hair.If you dye or bleach your hair blonde i would definitely recommend these, there amazing.
The Lee Stafford range is currently on two for £9 in boots.

Laura xoxo

1 comment:

  1. The hot shots were a lifesaver for me when I had platinum hair, they work so well!


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