17 December 2011

Christmas Cookies...

After seeing Khilas vlogmas videos where she made her Christmas cookies, i had to give them a go as they were so simple and fast to make and i knew the boys would love them, ohhh man was i right! after the first lot they went crazy for them and asking me to make some more so when i went back to get more chocolate because really once you have everything to make the first batch only extra thing you need to buy to make more is the chocolate, i decided to get giant chocolate buttons and caramel chocolate buttons.... so good!There definitely giving a go. I always get into cooking/baking alot more around Christmas :)

Laura xoxo


  1. these look so good! chocolate buttons are a much better idea than using chocolate chips. more chocolate=more delicious haha xx

  2. oh my gosh they look so yummy!!!! and yes definitely agree that chocolate buttons are a better idea than chocolate chips! :) x


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