20 December 2011

Beverley Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes...

 Anastasia Soare is the women behind most celebrities well groomed brows including,Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum. Anastasia has now created her own line of cosmetics, including the Anastasia of Beverley Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes.Inside this kit there are five eyebrow stencils, two brow shades, a highlight,a contour shade, a wax, a travel sized angle brush and also a list of step by step instructions, plus a mirror!! The packaging is also very nice with its leather type looking outer cover and stitch look on the inside you definitely feel you are using something great.
I had always wanted to try a kit with included brow stencils as ive never liked the shape of my brows and with this kit having five to choose from i found one that was the perfect shape for me, the 'Petite arch' . After using this for a while with the stencil i was able to get my natural brows to this shape so i wasn't having to use the stencil everyday. The shade i have this kit in is the light for blonde's and by mixing the two brow colours together i get the perfect shade for my brows which i have not found with any other kit, i just swipe the brush across the middle.
The brow and highlight shades are very pigmented and creamy, which makes them easy to work with and gives a more natural finish, the brush is also great quality, the wax is a little hard to pick up but i love the finish.
Overall, I love this kit it is definitely my favourite kit to use as i find the quality of the products great and the shades are perfect for me. The kit is now and has been for a while part of my everyday routine. The only thing missing for my is a little brush to comb through the brows to neaten them up, possibly if where getting picky some small tweezers.
Price?, Now im guessing your all wondering what the price you will have to pay for the fab little kit is?...this kit will set you back $39.95, which is around £25, worth it?... I think so you get great quality and the kit will last you along time.
Where to buy?  you can find the kit on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website along with the rest of her collection.

What do you think ladies? worth it? do you want to try it or do you already own the kit?

Laura xoxo

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  1. Hi Laura, fab review. I have the kit myself (reviewed it here http://www.whatlauralovesuk.com/2011/11/anastasia-beauty-express-kit.html) and thought it was fab, use it every day. Only problem that ive found is that i use much more of the wax than i do the brow powder so soon im going to be left with just the powder which is a bit of a bugger!

    Laura xxx


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