5 November 2011

Zoya...Marina- Smoke and mirrors collection.

Marina is one of the nail polishes from the Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Fall 2011 collection.
The collection has twelve shades - six creme shades(smoke)and six shimmery shades (mirrors). 
Marina is part of the mirrors. 
 The bottle i received in my September Boudoir prive box is a mini bottle at 7.5ml 
which is fine for me as i rarely get though a full size bottle as i have so many.
I have had a look around eBay as this is where i would normally buy all my polishes 
and found the polish for, 

£8.79 with free p&p for the full sized 15ml bottle - here.
 The shade is a smoky steel blue metallic, 
Zoya describe it as :
A strongly blue-toned smoky silver-grey with a dusty metallic finish. A blue smoke shade to give a dreamy artistic look to the nails.

Which shade did you get in your box?
 Laura xxx


  1. This colour is really pretty and I like the concept of 'smoke and mirrors' xxx

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