29 November 2011

Whats inside- November Boudoir Prive..

 This months box came a bit later than normal and then most people received there box on Saturday but my box didn't turn up until Monday (just my luck) so i had seen what was in the box before i opened it.I caved and ended up seeing a few posts.
 Firstly there is these Vinies ayurveda's soul- Luminous skin masks both the same.I like that these two of these samples in as you get to try it twice before you buy (if you buy).
If im going to be spending £32.85 in a skin mask id like to know im going to like it.The smell of this isnt amazing, at first it smells OK but then after a few seconds it has a not so nice smell mixed in :/ .It kind of reminds me of one of the body scrubs from in one of the boxes but with an added smell that makes it not so nice.
Im looking forward to giving this a try.
It says-
The gentle exfoliants and natural skin brighteners will even skin tone and keep your skin glowing through the day.
In this box there is samples of Rahua shampoo and conditioner, i think it maybe the Glossybox which this has been in before although i didn't get this in my previous box i think it would be better if the different boxes didn't use products from the same brands.I suppose for some this is good that they do if they arnt subbed to any other boxes.I also don't really like getting sachets as i never remember to use them, i don't know what it is about them but id much rather have products in little tubs or tubes.
 The dead sea spa brand was also in this months Glossybox although i would much rather have this body loton than the sea salts i got in the Glossybox, i love lotions so im happy to have this and it will definitely get used.
The sample of Korres 24 hour moisturiser i a small 10ml i would of like this to have been a bit bigger.
This has a natural source of vitamin C and helps repair fine lines and uneven skin tone.
Lastly the main product in this months box is a full size Studiomakeup rich hydration lipstick.
These are creamy and hydrating and available in 4 different colours.'the anti aging and moisturising formula is perfect for the coming frosty months'.
I got this in the shade shimmering sands which i dint mind the colour too much but what i dint like about it is the finish, im not a big fan of the frost finish on this i prefer more creamy finishes but saying that i will probably wear it.
It does seem quite long lasting even after eating and drinking i find it still says on.
I also really like the packaging, its different from any other lipstick packaging i have seen you have you press the bottom so it pops out then twist.
What did you think of this months box ?

Laura xoxo


  1. I was a bit disappointed with this months box if I'm honest! For the amount of time it took to get to us and the emails we had saying you wont be disappointed as they had to change one of the samples then to be was annoying! Didn't like the fact that it had something from the same brand GB had in too just felt samey! xxx

  2. totally agree plus they keot saying how AMAZING this box was and when i saw the posts on it was a bit dissapointed from what they had been saying i was expecting much more! xxx

  3. people are having really bad reactions to the face mask. i am not going near it x

  4. I am so glad I'm not subscribed to any of these boxes. Haha... Over the last couple of months the majority of reviews have been quite negative!! xx

  5. I've not signed up for this box, but I've just received the Glossybox. Love to see how they differ. I was pretty disappointed with this months Glossybox too, looks like a disappointing month all round. xx
    sweet monday

  6. looks really cool ! :)



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