20 November 2011

This week...

A few pictures from my week :)
I am definitely getting in the Christmas spirit this week i cant wait to get all the Christmas decoration up and snuggle up under a blanket with the boys and watch Christmas films.We watched 'home alone' yesterday which the loved and of course 'The Santa clause' has been out a few times ;).

I really want to make a few of my own 'shabby chic' decorations this year so hopefully il be able to do that.We are definitely due some new decorations this year ... I'm thinking red and white instead of the read and gold we have had the last few years.

What colours do you have on your tree?
Laura xoxo


  1. i have all of the colours on the rainbow on MY christmas tree! we always buy new christmas decorations to add to the tree so we have lots and lots! :) i love it!


  2. Those shoes are great! so is 'The Santa Clause'. Definitely a fab christmas film!!!

    I tend to have a mish mash of colours on my tree now! When I lived at home we had red and gold for as long as i can remember, then it went to blue and silver! Haha. xx

  3. Jlalamb- ive jut seen some so simlar on omeone blog for £18! the top hop are 62! not ure where from yet though :(

    C.A.R- I love that :) i was to buy a few different one to add each year i think it look so much better :) thats what the tree we had when o was young was like :)

    soph- lol i can not wait to get new ones i want one that are going to last this time the boys wrecked the last one we had! :( xx

  4. Oooh sparkly shoes, just like mine!!! Very Chrismassy feel to this post, makes me very excited! I don't know what colour theme to have on my tree yet :)



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