10 November 2011

Orly Space Cadet...

Space Cadet is part of Orly's cosmic fx collection
which is from 2010.The collection
has six shades which have a multi-dimensional finish.
I don't always go for shades with the 'duochrome' effect i usually stick to polishes that have a creamy finish to them.I have always loved the look of these but never really worn them much until now!

I really love this one. Its the lightest and one of coolest
shades of the collection with a very strong duo chrome finish/effect.
It has a plumy
finish with lots of gold/yellowy- green tones.

The formula is really nicely pigmented and not too thick, it is very easy to work with.

I have just done a quick eBay search and you can pick this shade up from this seller for £5.17 + £1.41 First class P&P.

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Laura xxx


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