21 November 2011

November Glossybox- ..

Inside this months box-
Arbonne hand cream
Dead sea spa salts
illamasqua perfum
Monu moisturiser
Nail rock wraps.

If you have been on twitter over the weekend you may have noticed a few people received there glossy boxes on Saturdays before most other subscribers and the contents were shown.Now when i saw a few of the blog posts i was quite disappointed and when the other boxes started arriving this morning from what i have heard from other bloggers there is a good-ish box and a not so good one.
The main thing that make me disappointed about this months box is that one of the products has been in a box before ( which i still haven't got round to using) and they give perfume samples which you can pick up for free from any where that sells perfume, the perfume samples seem to be in the boxes every month too.
I dont think this box is there best - maybe some people will love this box and that's great but its just not one I'm overly excited about . 

I am looking forward to trying the nail wraps and seeing how long they last, the perfume does smell nice although i dont think these perfume samples which you can pick up for free should be inculded and i will use the moisturiser.

I think theres alot disappointment around this box because the new monthly boxs that have started have had much better products in.. Feel unique for exaple..
Id love to know what you think if this months box?

Laura xoxo


  1. I'm really disappointed too - I will be cancelling my subscription - maybe after the Christmas box though, as surely that will be 'special'?

  2. I am so glad I didnt subscribe to glossy box in the end!!! x

  3. Glossybox looks awful! So glad I haven't wasted any money on it! xx

  4. I completely agree with your thoughts on this month's box, i have written a very similar blog post! I think it is quite silly of Glossybox to include the same brands, or the products of the same nature as previous boxes - the whole concept of glossybox is to try NEW things. Also, I 100% agree with the perfume situation, other beauty boxes include these as extras on top of their 5 products, unlike glossybox who consider it 1 of their 5 products. Not a great month - hopefully the christmas box is better :)

    Jess xx

  5. I couldn't agree more!! It was such a disappointment waking up to a bag of salt!! :@grrrr xxx

  6. if only there were glossybox in switzerland or france :/


  7. Argh, Honestly though.. I hate this month glossy box so much that I didnt even want to post it up. Like what am I going to do with a bag of sea salt right?? :p

  8. I don't get the Glossybox but I like reading peoples views on the products. Like that they have Arbonne in there, one of my fav skincare brands :)


  9. I absolutely hate getting perfume samples and I got two in this month's box. I couldn't be more disappointed with them right now! Especially as a lot of people are getting better boxes for free right now, what happened to looking after your subscribers. I'm cancelling my subscription after Christmas... Although if it's just a box filled with Christmas themed perfume samples I'll also be putting in a complaint. How is a perfume sample a 'beauty must have'
    I haven't blogged about mine yet but it will be very similar to yours in the thoughts towards GB right now xxx


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