15 November 2011

Leeds Blogger meetup...

On Saturday i attended the Blogger
meet up in Leeds organised my the lovely 
Ray and Tor.

I have to say it was quite a strange feeling as i was meeting people who i felt i had known for so long, who i talk to everyday on twitter and read there blogs/YT, but at the same time i had never met in real life so i was quite nervous.
Although i can say everyone is just as lovely and friendly
as i expected :).
Jo, me, kirstie ,Caroline
I had such a bad night sleep the night before with excitement/nerves and the boys been up and down.I was up from 5.30 so my the end of the day i was quite tired haha but it was well worth it, getting to meet everyone and i had a great day!

 I got my train to Leeds at 10.20 where i met  up with 
Charlotte  @charlobsession
 Sinead @daintydollymix
 Ray @raywhoisshe
Tor @tornumber9
Ellie @missy_ellie_uk
we then headed to the corn exchange to meet everyone else  
Gem @gemmaantonia
Dan @danielle_stott
Kirstie  @ohkirstiejones
Jo @lespoirdemavie
Hollie @gollymshollie
 Caroline @sparklyvodka
Haidee @haidee_pants
Lauren @laurensdressing
  Maxine @maxinecassidy
Carla @carlito86
Others we met later included
Liloo @tsunimee
 Catherine @perfectpolished
Clare @bigbeautyblog
Victoria @vipxo
Clare @pinklittlebean

Then it was time for food, the deserts were so good!
Jo, Hollie, Tor , Kirstie
Kirstie & Dan
 (pic from Tor)
After we had some dinner we headed to the shops for a bit of retail therapy,Where Lauren found her Christmas outfit ;)
Lauren and Ray
Ray , Gemma , Tor
And then we ended the day in the pub where everyone could had a good chat.

I forgot to take my camera with me so only had a few pics i took with my phone but for more pictures check out the other girls blogs, I know Tor,Ray and Lauren definitely had there Cameras :)

I left for my train around 5.30 as i had to pick up the boys,
I had a great day and would like to thank Ray and Tor for organising the whole thing as well as a lovely goody bag!
It was really nice to meet you all,
Hopefully we will all get to do it again :)

Laura xxx


  1. Aww you all look lovely and like you had a great time :) xxx

  2. It's fab in leeds, you all looked like you had a great time :)

  3. looked like great fun! xx



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