9 November 2011

Curls- Your favourite hair tool?

I have always loves long curled/wavy 
hair and seeing these pictures
make me want their hair.
Although my hair is quite long its not very thick at the ends, 
so when i where my hair like this i like to wear extensions to thicken it up.
Unfortunately my current set of extensions are dark brown so definitely not a good match for my hair right now :(.

But what i wanted to ask in this post is
What is your favourite curling wand/ waver you have used to achieve this look?
Im on the look out for a new hair tool but not sure which to go for. 
My hair never seems to stay curled for long, an hour after doing the curls it has fallen out.
Although I do find if i curl it after it has been left to dry naturally with no heat then the curls last a bit longer.
After having a little look around ive come across these that id like to try out, 
Have you tried them?
If so what do you think,are they worth getting?

1,1/2" curling wand by hair tools, possibly the 2" 

Babyliss ceramic hot rollers
and also the Deep Barrel waver.Although it isnt for curls i  love the wavey effect.

Laura xxxx


  1. I have the babyliss rollers and I swear by them! I got mine from eBay for less than £20 and their still going strong :)


  2. I personally find that GHDs give a more natural yet curly look! The heated rollers dont work in my hair cos its too short but it should in yours! xxx

  3. I have a curling wand which works really well. Takes a bit of practice initially but the results are really good.
    Search You Tube for tutorials for how they work and the results :)

  4. I have heard good things about the babybliss heated rollers but I think straighteners give off the best curl and you can do them as tight or as loose as you want xx

  5. Liz - ohh great il cheack there for some ;) thanks :) xx

    Soph & Charli - my ghds are the biggest ones so they dont do great curls :( i used to use my mums tthinner ones and they were good but she doesnt have then anymore :( xx

    Victoria- hat il go have a look at that one :) think that may be the one i origianly was going to get :) xx

  6. I think waves look goregous on anyone, but I'm stuggling to find a tool that will crimp my hair...in which I can shake out so it'll become wavy. But all the crimp tools I've seen seem to be too small (or too expensive for that matter)

    This may have helped me out however!




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