8 November 2011

China Glaze Medallion + Models Own Slate Grey- NOTD

These are my current favourite nail polishes, ive been
wearing them all the time recently i think there
a great combo.I love a bit of glitter this time of year 
and this eases it in perfectly :).

I love that now the seasons are changing i am able to play around with different colours. I am definitely one to wear different polishes depending on the season. In the summer i tend to stick to bright colours and during the winter/Christmas time i definitely go for more natural or darker shades with glitter and the brights get put away ready for next summer.
Here i have Models Own slate grey which i love with China
Glaze Medallion on my ring finger.

Models Own Slate Grey
I picked this up while Models Own were running there 50% off sale but you can 
still pick it up from there website for £5.

China Glaze Polish Medallion

As with all my China Glaze i picked this up on ebay im not sure of the exact seller
i purchaced it from, i normally check beautyzone2007 but i have just done a little
search and the cheapest i could see it going for was 
£3.90 + £0.94 p&p. from this seller .


Laura xxx


  1. Love this look, I may do this tomorrow, gotta love a bit of glitter!

    I've never bought slate grey before but it looks like such a nice colour and I've never bought a china glaze polish before either, shame on me. I don't know whether you've already got it, but juicy jules by models own is a great glitter polish :) x

  2. Ahhh this looks lovely! Might have to buy Medallion from that seller... you are a bad influence :) xxx

  3. Kim- i really want juicy jules really wish id of got it in the sale!xx

    Amy- the medallion is so nice the picture doesnt show how nice it really is def worth getting;) xx


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