26 October 2011

This week...

 Not many Instagram pictures this week half of them are in a folder i cant get to :( ,.... if you have an Instagram app you can follow me at @lora505 ....i really need to think of a better name for things :( any ideas?!
This week i have still been going to the gym as much as possible and eating lots of fruits, im addicted to making smoothies my fave at the minute is banana apple and raspberry with a tiny bit of milk. Im trying to cut down on carbs as much as possible too. 
Poor head...After getting back from the gym last week i was helping Jason get the big computer down from the loft and when i was trying to get the tower ( main computer bit) the side feel if and hit me on the head :( its really heavy and metal and hurt! not I'm left with a lovely cut in the middle of my head.
Working working working...These last too week should of been Jason's days of but hes been doing lots of over time mon-fri last week and the same this week so we haven't really been up to much, i took the boys for a walk yesterday ...with no pushchair for the little one! and they both walked great all the way there and back, no wanting to be picked up .... which could of been a big mess if they had because i wouldn't of been able to carry them both all the way back!
Halloween....I'm really looking forward to Halloween and getting the boys dressed up :) every year me and my sisters take our children to my mums house and take them all round together which they all love! I watched Hocus Pocus on Monday night too :) ... had to be done.. its a classic ;)

What have you been doing this week ???

Laura xxx

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  1. You are gorgeous!!!!!!

    Hope your head gets better soon! xx


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