9 October 2011

Products im loving...

I was going to use these as my September favourites but i left it a bit late.I have been really loving these products and they are all products i reach for daily so i wanted to share them :).

-Macadamia hair masque
-Bio oil
-BodyShop Rain forest radiance detangleing spray
-Macadamia hair treatment oil
-3 day straight
-Mac fluid line
-Liz Earle cleanse and polish
-HD brows
-BodyShop almond body butter

I have been in love with the Macadamia line since i first tryed it a few weeks ago its makes my hair feel amazing, i have been putting the masque on once a week and leaving it over night. After i have rinsed it off i use the oil, detangleing spray and 3 day straight as they make my hair really soft :) .

I have re discovered my love for macs fluid line this month and found my self reaching for it daily, id some how stopped using it and it just seemed to be sitting in the bottom of my makeup bag for the last few months.

My sister recently gave me a sample of the Liz Earle cleanse and polish that she got free when she ordered from the site and i am in love! i definitely see what all the fuss over this product is about. It takes my makeup off so easy including mascara and doesn't sting my eyes at all which most products do. The cloth leave my skin so soft.

The Almond body butter i have been using for a while i put it on ever time i get out of the shower, i love the smell.Definitely my favourite body butter smell from the body shop.

The bio oil i have been trying out hoping it will work miracles on my stretch marks i have from having the boys. I first bought it when pregnant but didn't use it as often as i should and didn't keep using it which i now wish i had i would just put it on here and there as i wasn't too worried about stretch marks.... you know when you dont think it will happen to you... yeah that....

Whats you current favourite product i need to try?

Laura xxx


  1. Great products!
    The HD brows thing looks interesting, I need to look into it.

  2. Ah bio oil is my absolute SAVIOUR. It's quite expensive but really works for me


  3. wow these all sound so nice!

    Alice x

  4. liz earl products are amazing!!!! I was given the instant boost skin tonic as a present and loved it, need to get some more!


  5. I adore the bodyshop butters - they're so beautiful and luxurious. I've always wanted to try macademia oil on my hair and you've definitely further encouraged me too :) gorgeous prodcuts and gorgeous blog - following you now lovely thanks to #bbloggers!


  6. Body Shop Almond Butter = amazing. I stocked up 2/3 tubs of it when it hit the sale. Fab stuff :)

  7. BodyShop almond body butter - really GREAT!!! I agree! Using it daily with pleasure!
    Also I`d like to share with you my favourites - Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser and Overnight Sensation Night Cream by Organic Surge: http://blog.broodon.com/competitions
    They work miracles with my face! You may try them free of charge - at BROODON they are being given away this week...


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