21 October 2011

Out we go ....

Ive been really loving h&m recently ( apart from there online delivery service, that's the worst!!). I noticed while looking through my wardrobe a few days ago that nearly everything ive bought over the last few months to a year is all from there! It has definitely taken over my wardrobe and become my 'go to' shop.

Right now im loving these long loose tops, i love that there loose and long enough to wear with leggings. I do put a white vest top under as there quite thin. And there only £6.99!

I went back on Sunday  and bought it in two other colours ekkk, anyone else do that? love a something so buy it in every colour!? 

I wore this one to go out for a meal at the weekend with my leggings, blazer and my long scarf (also h&m).

Whats your favourite shop right now?
Laura xxx


  1. this is cute, ive been looking for a top this colour to go with some patterned leggings ive just bought, may have to purchase!

  2. That's a cute shirt. I hardly ever find things I like at H&M but I always see other people finding amazing stuff there - I have the worst luck at that store.

    I love your hair color and length, very pretty!

  3. I love H&M and as primark are increasing there prices I seem 2 go more as I think the quality's better x


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