6 October 2011

how are you?...

Time is just going so fast recently i haven't blogged in over a week which is the longest ive gone in the whole of my time blogging!!

Last friday was my birthday and for the first time ever it was really warm and sunny ( 29 degrees ) which is probably as hot as it gets here and normally by the end of september itas freezing so i dont normally get to do anything on my birthday but as we had the heat wave this year we decided to go to the sea side,  i have the best day!!Definitly the best birthday i have had a while :) having hot weather definitly made people happier. I wish it was that hot on my bithday every year! The boys loved playing in the sand and making sand castles :)

I should be getting my nail polish wall rack soon which i am soooo excited about all my polishes are in boxes in my wardrobe so i cant wait to hav the out where i can see them.

I also started the gym yesterday, so happy that ive finally done it.I think i just needed to have someone to go with so i know what im doing onces ive been a few times i wont mind going on my own at all.I went with my friend jasmine and we did an arobics class, it was lots of fun and definitly a good workout :). I got to get a week free trial but i think i may sign up propperly today.Im just worryed that if i sign up and stop going it will be a complete waist of money...that could be going on another beauty box ;). I wish you could cancel subs at anytime!

I came down this morning to find bella had chewed up my fave topshop t-shirt :( so sad!.

Hope your all well :)

Laura xxx


  1. You look so pretty!! Loving your hair!

    Hope you had a fab birthday :D xx

  2. Glad to hear that you had a good birthday :) That beach looks lovely xx

  3. sounds like you had a fab birthday!!! And what lovely weather it was. Shame it seems to be getting cooler now!! bring back the sun I say! :) take care,
    love your blog.. i'm a follower :)


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