29 October 2011

halloween prep ....

Today has been spent hunting down Pumpkins as we left it so close to Halloween everywhere has sold out. I finally for a shop that had four left pheww! So tonight is the start of a new family tradition :) pumpkin carving for Halloween ween :).
I love that i can not start new little traditions with my boys and make every Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc as exciting as i possible. Tonight will be mine Jason and the boys first time carving pumpkins .... well obvs the boys wont be carving then but still... they'll be getting to draw on there own pumpkin :) 
We also picked up  more sweets for the trick or treater's as the ones we already had seem to of disappeared over the last week..... 
Pictures of the finished pumpkins will be up later tonight :) ekkk I'm excited :) 

Leave me a link to your pumpkin post id love to see them!!

Laura xxx

1 comment:

  1. Ahaaa that sounds fun! :) Wear some gloves to get all the skanky stuff out the pumpkin! xx


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