11 September 2011

To the Park- My life Project 365-Day #1

I took Jake to the Park today it was so windy though, as you can tell from my hair!
Cambell went to Hornsea with his Nana to see family who live around the corner from the beach so he has spent the day building sand castles and eating fish and chips.
Jason's was working his last night shift so went fishing straight after work then to bed when he got home around 2pm.

My plans for tonight are to catch up on big brother,shower and tan.

Guessing the boys wont go to bed until around 8.30 though, Ive been trying to  keep cam up a bit later to see if it helps him sleep through as he isn't a good sleeper at all!! He's usually up every few hours still!!
He did do 8.30pm until 8.20am last night though which was a shocker, very rare. He used to be such a good sleeper.Hopefully he will keep it up and do a full night again tonight.

Laura xxx

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