27 September 2011

This week i .....

...haven't got round to posting much this week as Ive seen really busy with birthdays and poorly too :(.
I thought id do a 'week in pictures' type  post using the pictures i took on my Instragram app.
I finally got round to doing my roots and had a night out on Saturday for my birthday (which is this Friday 30th) but as Jason's working we cant go out that night do did it early. Yesterday was Jake's 3rd birthday so we has a party day which both the boys loved.

Hope your all well :) 

Laura xxx


  1. I love week in photos posts. The galaxy McFlurry's are too good! Always nice to hear the roots are done..I get so stressed when I need to have mine done, and it's such a great feeling when your hair feels refreshed! Hope you feel better soon hun xxx

  2. I loved this post :) the cake looks so yummy!! Hope you are feeling better now xxx


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