14 September 2011

Sisterly love- Liz earle- My life project 365#3

Liz Earle is loved by many bloggers and im sure you've all seen post on it.
I have never tried any of her products even with all the hype.I have been thinking about it for a while but just never 'got round to it'. I have a routine that i was set in and happy with.Last week my sister decided to give it a try and order the set that's on offer plus a face mask. With it she got a free gift which was a mini cleanse polish and because she already had the full size in the set she let me try out the sample on :).
So far i have only used it once but i am definitely converted and now want the full size plus everything else on the site!My skin feels so soft and clean, i love it.

Today has been spent at home and not really doing to much.Jason started putting my shelf's up but so far out of the six one is up, he gets distracted easy when  hes doing something he doesn't want to but still he wont let me do it lol.


  1. i really want to give it a go! no 7 do one and i really want to try that one too :)

    maddie xx

  2. Their cleanse and polish is amazing. So is their oil free moisturizer. I was using them for awhile but now that my face is having a lot of acne, I have had to switch to proactive :(

  3. Ah Laura you will fall in love with this cleanser if you give the full size one a go. I have been using Cleans and polish for over a year now and not tried anything else since then and that means a lot for me.


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