21 September 2011

Rimmel Sexy curves Mascara Intense Black

 I have been using the Sexy curves mascara for the last few weeks and i thought id do a post about my thoughts on it. When first opened the tube and saw the wand i didnt think id like it, i like a more big fat wand and this one is quite small.My sister had told me it was good so i gave it a try anyway.

My thoughts?The thing i like about this mascara is that it keeps the lashes seprate and makes them look long which is great. I like thick lashes though which this doesnt really give so ive been using this to lengthen and separate them then using a different mascara on top to thicken them up a bit.As for the sexy curves i cant say ive really noticed a difference but i perfer to use an eye curler anyway.And as far as clumpy mascara go this definitly doesnt clump my lashes together even with a few coats.

 Will you like it? If you like long more natural looking non clumpy lashes this is fantastic and you will love it.Its a great everyday mascara.But if your looking to just use one mascara and are wanting thick lashes id probably give it a miss.

Waterproof?It also comes in waterproof or non waterproof which is great.The one i have is non waterproof, i find it stays on fine all day i havent had any flakeyness with it and it washes of easily on a night using my liz earle cleanse and polish or any eye makeup remover.

Price?Where from?You can pick it up from Boots for £8.19 where its currently on 3 for 2 offer.I could only see it regular black and brown and water proof black on the superdrug website (this one is extreme black) which is £8.19 but you maybe able to get  it instore.

 Have you tryed it?
what are your thoughts?

Laura xxx


  1. The wand looks so strange! It does look like it works great, although I reckon I'll stick with my current mascara as I'm like you, I like a bit more volume and thickness. Great post xx

  2. I really like this mascara, its one of my faves! :)

  3. Your eyelashes look amazing!


  4. Wow your eyelashes look so long :) xx

  5. Your eyelashes look great! I haven't tried this particular mascara but my sister raves about it and I do like this style brushes xxx

  6. I have tried the original version wayyyyy back but I absolutely hated the brush, it did NOTHING for my lashes and I kept poking myself in the eyes -_-


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