20 September 2011

New Scarf #6

My scarf finally turned up that i ordered from h&m weeks ago.I don't think ive heard one good thing about h&m's delivery service which you wouldn't expect because that stores are great, online seems to be a totally different story though! Saying that i do love my new scarf and i have been in to my local store a few times while i was waiting for this to turn up and i never saw it in the shop.
Its long and thick in a white linen material with black feathers, theres also the odd rusty red and pale pink feather dotted about.
You can have a look at it online here if you like. Its priced at £12.99 but i used a discount code that i found online im not sure which it was but ive just found one for £5 off if you spend £11 or more ....1304 which would make it £11.89 including p&p.

1 comment:

  1. I keep wanting to order a blazer from H&M but hear so much bad stuff about the delivery I keep putting it off! This is a really lovely scarf though. Bet you were glad when it finally arrived! xxx


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