21 September 2011

Macadamia love #7

I am in love with this stuff!! I said in a post last week that i was planning on going back to get the bigger tub as it worked miricals on my hair.... well i did.I did want to get the 500ml tub and the bigger oil but i didnt have enough cash on me and forgot my bank card.Therfore another trip needs to be done but for now i have the 250 ml tub and another little oil which i stuff have half of the last bottle i bought so it should last until i go back.
I got both of these for just under £20 the macadamia masque was just under £14 before tax and the oil £2.95 before tax.(would be so much easier if they told you the actual price to start with like everywhere else).
I plan on covering my hair in the masque staight after i redo my roots and leaving it on over nigh, hopefully it will stoop my hair falling out :/.

Laura xxxx


  1. I rally want to try the mask!!!!

  2. That looks amazing!! I want to try it. x


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