13 September 2011

Coconut Water - project 365 #3

Ive been wanting to try coconut water for a while after seeing it all over the Internet with YTer's and Bloggers talking about it and about how good it is for you and how it helps weight loss by getting your metabolism working faster after a workout.Most recently from Shaycarl (Shaytards) im sure you have all seen his videos.
So after he was saying it was so nice i wanted to give it a try even more so i looked up where i could get it locally and found that Holland and Barrett stock it.
While in town today i called in and picked up two 330mml cartons for £2.05 each.
I waited until i got home and let it cool in the fridge before trying as id heard it was nicer colder it is.I had such high hope and expcting to want to rush back and stock up on lots more...... unfortunatly not :( I really dont like the taste, so disapointed. I was execting yummy coconut, it tasted off like it was really old and gone off . I only had a few sips and didnt bother with anymore.
Although i do have another carton i think i may give it a second chance and make sure its freezing cold before trying again.

About Vita Coco
-100% pure coconut water
-Hydrate naturally
-Packed with naturally occuring electrolytes with 20 time more potassium of leading sports drinks
-More potassium than two bananas
-100% natural
-1 ingredient.

Have you tryed Coconut water ?
What did you think?

Laura xxx


  1. Never tried it but always been curious to for the same reason as you. Shame to hear it tastes nasty!! I still wanna try for myself, haha. x

  2. I always get this! I love it. I suggest you buy the different flavours becasue they taste better than this origional one. You can get mango, passionfruit etc... and it has a nicer taste to it :)


  3. I needed to try it myself too lol an at only £2.05 you might aswell!

    I will deff give the others a try joselin I really want to like it haha x

  4. you may have got a bad cartoon i tasted some and loved it!xx


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