7 September 2011

30 day.....

I wish id have thought to do this at the beginning of the month and could of done it for every day of September.
Ive been wanting 'trying' to lose the last of the weight i put on while pregnant for ermmmm.... 2 years? :( :( bad i know!
My youngest is TWO in two days and i still haven't got where i want to be. I cant believe how fast its gone by.
So while the two year line here and my birthday at the end of the month i want to try and work my butt of and lose a few pounds.
Ive been trying to find a work out i like enough so that i will stick to it.
While browsing twitter earlier i saw a tweet from Ellie over at misseblog saying she had done the 30day shred and felt good for it.Id thought about doing it before but never 'got round to it' but today is the day I'm going to start! 
I'm going to try and keep up with it and do it for the full 30 days and Ill keep my blog updated on how its going.
Hopefully posting about it on here will keep me on track.

Have you tryed the 30day shred?
How was it?
Did it work?

Laura xx


  1. I just purchases this earlier today online, then saw this on your blog! I wish you the best of luck with it :D I have heard its a tough one.


  2. How wierd I am starting my '30 day shred' tonight too and I have owned the DV for roughly three months! Good Luck :)

  3. ahh hope you both do well with it! let me knwo how you get on!! will help knowing others are doing it to lol x

  4. This dvd isn't available here, I want to try this so bad.

    I just bought one of her workout books which should arrive today.

    Definitely keep us posted on how you're getting on!

  5. love your blog babe :) you're gorgeous! xx


  6. Have heard of so many people doing this and finding it really tough but great if you can keep going with it. Best of luck!! :)


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