23 August 2011


I haven't really been blogging much the last few weeks, i was so shocked yesterday when i checked and Ive only done 7 posts this month! I used to blog every single day but i seem to have been letting it slide recently.
Jason's has 18days off after every seven sets at work so around every 7 week he gets 18days off which is great for the boys they love it when daddy's not at work because we try and do as many fun things as we can.So over the last few week Jason has been at home with us and we've been really busy and by the time the boys go to bed I'm so tired myself i just want to get into bed and watch something .... recently started watching True Blood after watching all the Vampire Dairies again.
We also had the big drama with Cam breaking his tooth and having to be put to sleep then getting sick at the beginning of the month...

But anyway weve had a really good time over the last few weeks it was our little family summer as now jasons back to work.
He's a few picures of what weve been up to... 

Now its nearly september its time for birthdays!!YAYYY
September is a really busy time as its cams, jakes and my birthday plus my dad and sisters so we have a lot of partying to do lol.

 We normally just take the boys out for the day on there birthday but now there getting a bit older im thinking of doing a joint party as well, so theyl still get there special day but they can have a fun party day with there friends to but the only thing is cams is on the 9th and jakes is the 26th so when do i have the party :/?

Laura xxx

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  1. Looks like you're having such a great summer with the boys! I'd say do the party as much in the middle of the two dates as you can xx


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