14 August 2011

Shabby Chic ?...

I love the 'Shabby Chic' style, if i could i would have my whole house in this style.
Theres a shop in my local town which is full of shabby chic hanging,picture frames, furniture, everything its so beautiful.
Every time i go in i want to buy the whole shop!

I don't get to go in too often as i normally have the boys with me and I'm to scared they will break everything and there isn't much room to get around with a pushchair but on Tuesday Jason took Jake to an appointment as he was working last time so couldn't go.While they when down and i called in with Cam.

I knew i wanted some small bits to hang on the walls down stairs and in my bedroom so in picked a few up them while buying them i got talking to the owner who was lovely and she said they had just opened a room upstairs that what decorated like a bedroom.So i went up to have a nosey, although as soon as i turned the corner to go up the stairs Cam screamed and screamed he did not like what ever was up the stairs on bit!(The buildings are really really old so wouldn't surprise me if there was something up there.....) It ended up been a quick look..very quick and i had to take him back down.While i was up there i saw a photo frame i though was cute so decided to go back when i had met up with Jason and get it.

I love this white heart frame.
I'm really into white furniture, hoping to get new white furniture for the bedroom.

The picture for this really doesn't do it justice. It was a crappy day for lighting when i stryed to take the pictures so needed to be as near to the natural light as possible.


I got two of these to go with the pink heart.
£1.50 each

I got three of these, there now on my back wall in the kitchen going to go back and get two more :)

Laura xx xx


  1. Aw wow I love stuff like this too! You got some really lovely things :) x

  2. shabby chic is so pretty and girlie, i have a few shabby chic pieces in my bedroom :D

    maddie xx

  3. omg there all soo cheap! whats the shop called?xx



  4. These are all so cute, I love shabby chic home decs! x

  5. You picked up some lovely bits! I love shabby chic! I've just had my bedroom decorated (finally) and want so many shabby chic bits to fill it. Sass and Belle sell lots of lovely things - they have a shop in Covent Garden but are also online too :) xx

  6. I love those there really pretty :)

    Lauren xx


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