29 August 2011

New hair products and part 1 of John Frida Lightning spray review...

My roots are really really dark when the grow through so they need doing quite often.
I love having blonde hair but i hate having to keep up with my roots.
Since going blonde this time i have done it myself using the BBlonde kits from boots.The one thing i don't like about it is having to use a cap.It takes ages and starts to hurt putting loads of small amounts of hair through.I always seem to put it of as long as i possibly can because i just hate doing it.
At the minute though it is really in need of doing.I plan on doing it sometime in the next two week before  my birthday.
However i have found a product that stops them looking so bad John Frida Lightning spray.
  I normally use Lee Stafford shampoo and conditioner but i was in Asda and really in need of some more and i have wanted to try the lightening spray since it came out so as it was on 3 for £10 i picked them all up.
I wasn't expecting for them to make my dark roots lighter but that's what i hoped for, if there lighter then i wouldn't have to bleach them as often.
I noticed my roots were lighter after the first wash and now after using it three times i can really tell a difference.
I'm going to be using it a few more times before i re-do my roots so i will take pictures of how light it goes.So far i think it lifts to one shade lighter after every use.
I really think this product is great and it does really work!! 
I will do a full review in the next few weeks...

Laura xxx


  1. I've been using just the spray and have noticed a huge difference! So much so i havent even booked in to have my highlights redone this month before my hols!

    Picking up the shampoo/conditioner next week to see how long i can go without visiting the hairdresser :)


  2. I use this spray to brighten up my subtle ombre, I really love it! x

  3. I've got quite mousy brown hair & I've been considering this to make it look like I have natural highlights :/ I'm just too wimpy to try it haha x

  4. MY daughter used the shampoo and conditioner and it lifted her hair a little - wasn't impressed as at the time didn't realise she'd got it from her nan and had been using it. She was only 8! Still it does work, I just found it very drying when I tried it. Do you find it dries your hair? Mel xxxx

  5. yeah mel i do find it quite drying thats the one thing i dont like about and why i normally stick to lee stafford things xx

  6. Although its drying its amazing!I have fairly dark hair but going blonde with ful head of highlights. Until yesterday I hadnt had them re-done in 4 months bt was using this stuf everytime I washed my hair, its brighter now that it ever has being from this. I just pop some morrocan oil in after and makes it all good!

    bambihill.blogspot.com x


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