31 August 2011

My new love...

 My new bag just got here this morning which was a nice surprise because i wasn't expecting it so fast.
I love it!
Ive wanted a new black bag for a while as i have been using mt Chloe paddington (seen in whats in my bag post) for years!Ive wanted a black one as it goes with anything thing i normally stick to creams and browns when it comes to....well anything but i want a bit of a change. I only recently bought the first black tshirt in my wardrobe! and yesterday i got a black leather jacket which i have wanted since at least last winter.
As soon as i saw this bag i fell in love,I really love the Studs on the bottom and that the rest is plain and simple.
I didnt know when i first saw it but I then found out that its very simlar to the Alexander Wang Coco duffel bag, looking at the pictures on google it looks the same!
The inside of the bag is really big which i love because i normally have a lot of things to carry around having two young boys and it has a zip which my Chloe one doesnt have which is a real pain sometimes.

The Alexander Wang Bag

I got mine from Ebay for £30 , the delivery was great really fast i ordered monday ( bank holl) so was posted yesterday and i recived it this morning :)

What do you think?

Laura xxx


  1. Wow such a gorgeous bag!! I love the detail xxx

  2. I have this exact bag (:, I love it so much!xx

  3. ahhh I want one! love it.


  4. omg i want it! it's so beautiful!!

    maddie xx

  5. Love it <3.

    Sadie x



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