28 August 2011

models own swatches

I got 16 polishes from the sale,i got a bit carried away with all the pretty colours!
There were a few that i think look totally different on the site to in person and ones that look the same but they are amazing polishes the formula is great they go on really easy and don't chip as fast at others Ive tryed, possibly the best Ive tryed so far.....

Top Turquoise
This is really pretty but darker than i was expecting.

 Grace Green
 Really nice khaki colour, love this can see if been worn alot in winter.

When i saw this i was a bit disappointed to begin with, it looks different in the bottle like it has a blue shimmer to it.When i tryed it out thought that didn't show and its a really nice soft creamy blue.
(i had it on while taking these pictures so its hidings in the back ground of some pictures)

 Peach Sherbet
Light nudey peach.

Gun Grey
I love this! lovely shiny grey/black.
Will definitely be my 'go to' dark this winter.

When i opened this and Pink Punch they instantly reminded me of China Glaze pool party and flip flop fantasy!! Both really bright one with a more pink undertone and on with an orange undertone.
This one is definitely more pink.

 Pink Punch
Really bright pink with orange undertones.

Puff Peach
A darker nudey peach.

Buff Pink
A typical clear pink for french manicure.
Very sheer.

Nude Beige
Exactly what it says... nudey beige.
darker than i expected.

Concrete Mixer
This and slate grey look the same with a tiny  slightest different undertone.
I wouldn't bother getting both as you cant tell a difference in them.

Beth's Blue
This picture doesn't show how amazing this colour is! 
I love it! creamy purpley blue, so pretty.

Sophie's Pink
This is alot darker than it looked on the site.
Its a dark hot pink with purple undertones.

Slate grey
A light grey brown, looks just like concrete mixer.
Misty grey
  Nice creamy light grey.
I really wanted this one and thought it would be my favourite.
Its nice and a lovely colour but now as amazing as i first thought.

What colours did you get?
Leave me links to your site so i can see :)

Laura xx


  1. Wow you picked up some amazing shades. That's a hell of a haul! :) xxx

  2. Wow, great products from their sale, well done.
    I am still waiting for mine to arrive x

  3. I love Peach Sherbert and Beth's Blue :)



  4. lovely colours - i looooove peach sherbert! :D

    maddie xx

  5. So many colours!! Except for the Blooboo, Buff Pink and Beth's Blue, I loved them all! Great choices =)


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