27 August 2011

Models Own 50% off sale...

As most of you know....(and have probably ordered a million things) Models Own have been having a huge 50% off Sale this week....(Which is still on until midnight on  Monday 29th ).

I ordered mine the day the sale went live i think Tuesday? and it came Thursday morning!! Which i was so shocked at as they were super busy!!Can anyone remember the Sleek 50%off when orders took weeks to come? yeah well i was expecting something like that when i heard about the sale but Models Own did a great job of making sure their servers could handle the huge traffic of orders and to get them shipped out so fast!!
They have also constantly been on facebook getting answering peoples questions and sorting any problems within minutes!
Amazing customer service!
 Luckily i had no problems and made my order easily.

I stuck to buying polishes as i hadn't ever tryed Models own!!!
I now have plenty to keep me going for a while even though i have been very tempted to make another order before the sale ends!

I will do a separate post on the polishes with swatches soon :)

Did you order?

 If you did please leave a link to your post i would love to see :) 

Laura xxx


  1. Blimley that's a haul !! Haha I got about four I think waiting for them to arrive, I agree I think the team are doing a great job as they must be snowed under with orders :) there polish is fab ! The one's I have had don't chip and lasted a good week (which is fab for me) anyway loving the colours you choose and looking forward to seeing your swatches xx

  2. I want to get some bits from the sale:)...Probably will make a order tomorrow

    Any shades you'd recommend??


  3. i loveeeee beths blue,def my fave atm, bubblegum and pink punch are really pretty and bright! remind me of china glaze pool party and flip flop fantcey.gun grey is a really nice dark on for winter to :) xx

  4. The two colors on the top left!!! EEEEK!

    I can't wait to see more pictures of them!

  5. wow, you got so many!
    I ordered 4 today, 2 others that i wanted were out of stock (no surprise really)
    Look forward to your posts :) x x

  6. Wow you bought loads! I got 10 and cannot wait for them to come :) Love the photos xx

  7. I lovvveee models own top turquoise! haha!


  8. Totally jealous!! I didn't bother ordering as I wasn't impressed with some responses I was getting from them on Facebook. Fantastic nail varnish though, lovely application and staying power is brill! And obvs fantastic colour range!!


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