16 July 2011

TheBodyShop- Hemp moisture high balm...

While i finally have a bit of time to myself, while watching Harry Potty Part 2 behind the magic i though id do a post on the Hemp balm i got recently from The Body Shop ( see haul post here).

I wasn't planning on buying this when i made my order i just saw it had good reviews and because i get dry skin i added it to my bag.

When it first got here and i tryed a little bit the smell really got to me, its awful!
I thought id never use it again and was glad i hadn't payed full price ( i got it using a 50% off code).
So it sat in my box of skin care since, until a few days ago when i had a rash on my face like little lumps.I think it was either from taking antibiotics or from using Garnier summer body moisturiser which i have heard quite a few people have had problems with and these are the only two things that i have done differently that could have caused it.

So to try and get rid of it i was looking for my Oilatum which is what i would normally reach for but i couldn't find it and saw the Hemp Balm so thought id give that a try ... making sure not to put it near my nose lol.

After about 10 minutes i noticed a huge difference and that it was going really fast!I was amazed!!
I am now using it as my regular balm after cleaning my face to get my skin back to good condition.
I can not belive how much better my skin is already.

If you can handle the smell its 100% worth getting and its only £6!!
its kind of like a Vaseline type balm, it looks the same and can be used for lots of things, instant relief on dry skin,helps restore skins moisture, great for lips ....

Have you tryed any of the other prducts from the Hemp collection?
I'm going to get my mum the Hemp hand protector.

Laura xx


  1. I really love this in the hand cream, it is the only hand moisturising product that I find makes a difference to me x

  2. gotta get myself some of this! it looks like a really multi-purpose product :)

    maddie xx


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