20 July 2011


Hi guys...
So im sat in bed, both boys asleep and Jason is having an hour on the ps3 so its the perfect time for me to update my blog.... but i don't really know what to post about ive been having blogger block for a while now as you can probably tell but my lack of posts :(.
I absolutely love blogging i really look forward to sitting down and writing a new post and i hate when i have a really busy day and no time to look at other blogs but recently my mind has just gone blank as to what i could post.Its driving me crazy i want to have a million ideas and time through the day to take pictures but its just not happening :(.
I havnt been shopping for a while so i dont really have products to review or hauls so ive just been a bit stuck.

So for tonights post because i wanted to get on here so bad im going to do a little update and a chat :) ....to myself.. :/ humm

♥ I did my roots a few nights ago but im not to happy with how it turned out :(.

♥ I really want the new China Glaze polish CG in the city!! def my next nail purchase!

♥ Smashed the back of my iphone..BOOO so glad it wasnt the front though!

♥ Took the boys to a friends birthday party on Monday they loved it :)

♥ I think im near enough over my eaar infection finally!

♥ Excited for my GlossyBox to come hopefully tomorrow.

♥ Its nearly the boys birthdays well September and i think ive decided there main present will be a bike :) There first real bike, theyve got the tryke things but there really hard to peddle a propper bike will be so much better for them now :)

♥ Im really loving the 'schuermanshow' and 'TheSacconeJolys' on YT recently as well as they Shaytards still obvs :)

♥Oh i cut a jumper today too, i wanted it to be 'off the shoulder' instead of a normal neck.
So much comfyer now :).

♥Doing this post has made me want to go out and buy lots of new make up :/ not sure why :/eekk.

Hope your all well :)

What have you been up to recently?

What was the last thing you bought?

Laura xxx


  1. Eeeek about your iphone! I hope it still works alright! I don't trust myself to have one cos I'd probably break it haha.

    I've been trying not to spend much so I know how you feel thinking you've not got much to write about cos of not having new things.. my most recent buys are some primark shoes and E.L.F brushes haha.

    If you're stuck for posts I always find ones about products people dislike/wish they hadn't bought fantastic to read - it's more helpful knowing what NOT to buy sometimes! :)


  2. Good to see you posting again...have missed your posts. Now go and buy some make up :o)

  3. My benefit that gal came in the post today, other than that I've not bought much in a while.
    I'm excited to see what's in the glossyboxs' too and I haven't even ordered one!


  4. Katie- i still havent told jason yet hes going to kill me haha i always brake things! hoping to get a case on it so he doesnt see hahah! opps xxx

    LOL zoe :) Thank you :) i really feel the need to go shopping now after this post even though its wasnt really to do with make up lol eekkk your a bad influence lady :P xxx

    Eloise - ohhh i havent tryed that looks lovely tho.
    Im really looking forward to this month because i have no idea what will be in it hope its a good box! xxx

  5. Oh dear! Yeah get a case... What you don't know can't hurt you right?! I've known 2 of my friends iphones to die a sad death so that's even more reason for me not to get one! xo

  6. Hello, just having a look through your blog again Laura :) As per usual it is great! you look lovely in your photo too xxx


  7. You're so beautiful!



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