21 July 2011

July GlossyBox- What inside my box?

 Now that there are different things inside the Glossy Box's the more posts i see in my dashboard the happier i am as i like to be able to see all the different things that are inside.
I'm still not 100% on everything that has been sent out this month but its looking really good!
I think they definitely listened to what people had to say about the June box and have don't a fantastic job this month.

I'm really happy with my box, theres always going to be something someone else got that i would have loved but its going to happen when the boxes are different.

So in my box this month heres what i got...

Nouveau Lashes

Illamasqua Lipgloss in Explode

Weleda -Pomergranate Regenerating body oil

Ciate Nail polish in Kitten Heels

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe

I happy that i will use everything in this box, i have seen another which i maybeeee would of been happier with but i am very excited about Julys box and now cant wait till next months :)

Id love to look what you got, if you have done a post please leave me the link in the comments :)

Laura xxx


  1. Hey! Here's my blog post on July's glossybox :
    As you can see we have very different things i think i would prefer not to have had the body oil and had the lashes or the xen tan instead hehe x

  2. You got a good box!
    I got the Body Oil
    Nail polish in a bright orange shade
    Sun cream for your face. 15ml
    Illamasqua pigment in 'involve'
    A Moisturising lip treatment gel (posh lipbalm)

    I really wanted the Xen tan as Ive never tried it. I managed to do a swap with another blogger so I should get it in the post in a few days and they will be taking the 15ml sun cream off my hands..

    Overall i was pleased with this box, and even though i saw on twitter what people were getting. Because there was quite a variety between products it was still a bit of a surprise opening the box as I knew all the possibilities they could have been! xx

  3. I love this month's box! Omg you have the exact same things I have! lol! amazing!!!

  4. This looks like the best Box so far...we can't get them in Ireland yet so I'm jealous ha ha :)


  5. Wow an Illamasqua Lip gloss, is it full size? :) x

  6. This looks great! It seems like they made up 100% for the batiste! xo

  7. Ooh! Your Glossybox looks fab! :D

    Mine was quite different to yours (we've only got the Weleda oil and nail polish in common) but I've written about it in my (very new!) blog.


    It's not as professional as yours though, your blog is brilliant!

  8. Great post! your box is very different to mine.
    Defo a better box than last months haha.



  9. I cancelled my subscription after the first box, I like the idea but it isnt for me.

    Nice to see that they listen to what you prefer etc so that everyone gets different things xx

  10. Your box looks great, I really wanted the Xen tan as I've heard so much about it but still extremely happy with what I got in my box. I really loved that this month's box was different for everyone as it makes it all the more exciting seeing what other people got. :) x


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