25 July 2011

Happy birthday!!?

OK so I'm not sure on the exact date as i deleted my first few posts a while ago which i now wish i hadn't as i would of liked to know the date. I think it was Today although looking back to my 'first' post now its the 30th July.

Although i can remember my actual first post was 'things I'm loving'.

I cant remember the night i set my blog up.I was sat on the soft with my old laptop watch TV/YT, and reading blogs although i cant remember which blog made me want to do my own which I'm annoyed about as id of loved to mentioned it.

I do remember putting up a few post that night and been amazed when someone looked at it and thinking omg i love this its so fun!

I didn't really know what i was getting myself in to.
I didn't know i would make friends and talk to people from all over the world.
I didn't know anything about Pr's or anything to do with blogging really.I never used twitter i just  go to know people my reading/commenting on there blogs.
Then i found twitter and found a whole other different world and side to blogging.

Lovely people ...

Ive just been reading Julies post on her blogs birthday which reminded me mine was this week.
I must have found Julies blog straight away as i always remember her been there and reading her posts.She was one of my first 'blogger friends' on of the first people i started talking to :)

The lovely Siobhan has always been there from the beginning being so kind and lovely :)

Another blogger i always remember been there, another one of my first 'blogger friends' is Charlotte.

'Giddy Princess' was also one of the first blogs i loved.

There are so many other lovely people i have met through blogging that I'm am so happy i have got to 'meet'.
I'm going to do a big post and try to link as many as i can :)

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has ever commented on one of my posts it makes my day :)
and everyone who has followed my blog :) 

Laura xxx


  1. happy blog birthday!! i think mine is around now but i can't remember and need to check!! thanks for always having such a great blog =) xxx

  2. Happy blogoversary mrs :) You were my inspiration to go blonde and for that, I thank you :D

  3. Happy Blog Birthday :) xx

  4. Awww I've only just seen this sweetie - thank you xxx

    And happy belated birthday xx


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