3 July 2011

Curl Crush...

My love for curls started when i used to watch Mary Kate and Ashley....actually i love all the hair styles from when they were on two of a kind i loved them and would try to get mine the same.
But they always had gorgeous curls especially Ashley shes seems to have hers in curls the most.
I even bought there curling wand which i hoped would work wonders on my hair and my me have perfect curls that stayed in all day.

Then as i got older everyone loved the loser curls and i suppose this worked better for my hair because it was long and heavy so if i did do more defined curls they would fall out to this anyway
Which i was happy about and have worn alot as its so easy.


Then recently i was watching Pretty little Lairs and i really loved
Hannah's hair which made me want to go buy a new curling wand as the millions curls i have don't really work well on my hair, but while sorting through a draw i found a curler Ive had for years and decided to give it ago and it really works well for my hair and id totally forgot about it.
It was just the Braun smoothstyler.
Ive had it a good few year so they probably have a newer one out now but i really love it.

Here's the curls i got from playing about with it.
Kinda wish i had my extentions were blonde so i could add them to add a bt of thickness to my hair but i dont want to ruin then by bleaching them as there really dark brown.


Although i did used to love Mary
kate and ashleys more defined curls when i was younger i definitly love more beachy wave better for my hair.

Which sort of curls do you prefer?

What do you used to curl your hair?

Laura xxx


  1. Those curls look lovely on you, came out really well :)
    I love my hair curly but it's so thick that I can't sit and do it myself :(
    I either go the hairdressers or get my friend to do it for me because they can both curl it within an hour, although I prefer my friend doing it as she doesn't charge lol.
    I have to have the loose curls too because my hair is too heavy for tight curls and they'll just fall out xxx

  2. love loose wavy curls they are my fave - i use babyliss total freedom curls 200 which I actually got about 4 years ago - they still work great though! love your hair it looks gorgeous xx

  3. love your hair :) looks really pretty for summer too! x


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